Docx Fixer for Word 2007

Word 2007 provides you the best way to document your research, work, notes, etc. It is the member product of Microsoft Office Suite developed by Microsoft cooperation. By default a Word 2007 document is saved as .docx. However, we can save it with other versions file extension such as .doc that supported its previous versions. There are several previous versions of Word 2007 like Word 2003, Word 2000 and etc; each of which came with more advantages and new features compared to previous versions. Word 2007 has ribbon look for options instead of drag down menu, provides direct linking to blog sites, it allows you to convert word file to .pdf or .xps file format.

Although with all these advantages it has become much popular but since it is used by maximum users, it has also become the center target of virus attacks. Because of advanced connectivity feature with the blog sites, the chances of a virus attack are further increased. Viruses attacking by getting embedded their code within the document are called “Macro Viruses”. These viruses may make a document unreadable or due to these virus attacks sometimes a document might not open i.e. your word document has got corrupt. At such instances you can use one of the finest tool to repair DOCX file that is not opening on your system. To write back this corrupt document file may take long time. Just relax; you can get back your corrupt word document using a docx fixer for word 2007 without writing it back i.e. you can secure your broken word document by using Fix DOCX utility program securely. For more help, visit

There are some other scenarios also which may corrupt your Word 2007 document, these are as:

Sudden system shutdown: A sudden shut down of your system while Word 2007 is in running mode, may cause to corruption of that document file. Word 2007 has came up with the solution to it like it keeps on doing auto save and when you restart your system, you will get the saved copy. But it’s not effective always and many times, user does not get back his fixed word document from the saved copy of it because it could have got corrupted. Then you need this DOCX fixer for Word 2007 file repair.

Improper Installation of Word 2007: Sometimes an in-appropriate or incomplete installation of Office suite i.e. Word 2007. It can create problems in accessing and saving Word 2007 files and may even kill the file i.e. Word file gets dead. To revamp a dead DOCX file, visit

Virtues of this DOCX fixer for word 2007 tool?

  • Brings back text, OLE objects and hyperlinks from corrupt Docx files.
  • You can also make use of this software to repair DOCx file that is unable to open due to corruption. For more detail about it, visit this link:
  • Compatible to fix corrupt docx & doc files on all versions of Microsoft Word such as Word 2000, Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010, etc. Browse here to get in touch about fixing corrupt DOCX file effectively
  • This tool is functional on various operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, etc.
  • This software can also be used to fix DOCX file association. Visit this link, to know more about it:
  •  A word file that has been repaired by this DOCX repairer can be saved on to the new healthy blank word file.

Steps to use docx fixer for word 2007:

Step-1: Download & install the fixing tool on your system. A main screen pops out. Select the Word 2007 document file to be made correct.

Docx Fixer for Word 2007 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step-2: After loading your corrupted Word 2007 file, repair button gets enabled. Click on the enabled Repair button. Scanning starts.

Repair Corrupt Docx File - Scan Progress

Figure 2: Scan Progress

Step-3: After the scan progress, the repaired file can be previwed using preview option. Save the fixed document on desired by purchasing the software key.

Word 2007 DOCX File Repair - Saving Window

Figure 3: Saving Window