How to Fix Dead Docx File?

Many a times you would have found that your docx file is not opening i.e. it has got dead. To know how a docx file gets dead, first thing to mention is docx is the default file format extension for Microsoft Word 2007 & plus versions. A docx file is an advanced document file that can also contain various OLE objects, blog site linking and various other advanced features. So a user creates a multi-special docx file to save & present his documented data. For e.g. a journalist writes an article regarding polls along with past poll statics, images, reference links, etc that were collected after weeks of hard work. Now due to some reasons if these docx files didn’t respond or open & behaves like an elderly dead lying in cemetery then the journalist will get frustrated because it’s too difficult for him to re-write the same.  The simpler solution for him is to look for a rescue program for his dead docx file. The most reliable tool for securing a dead docx file is fix docx utility program that can bring back life to a dead docx file within few clicks. To enhance your knowledge about this docx mending tool, visit

How a docx file could have got dead?

Usage of a defective fixing tool: All MS Word fixing tools are not that much reliable & safe for your docx files i.e. usage of a defective fixing tool may make a normally corrupted docx file as a dead docx file which will refuse to open.

Malfunctioning in operating system: Sometimes due to operating system malfunctioning, open docx files may get killed i.e. they becomes in accessible & refuse to get opened. Click on and know how to repair DOCX file that is not opening after various issues.

File header getting corrupted: File header has an important role in telling particular file details. So file header corruption of docx file will make it dead i.e. the docx file will not open. One of the reasons behind docx file header corruption is abnormal system shut down while the docx file is in use. To know more about unreadable DOCX files, Visit this webpage:

Note: Whenever you come across any of the above scenarios, you can mend them using this tool on Windows. The Windows DOC fixing tool can also be used to fix doc files.

How this tool works?

This tool does fixing dead docx file for all of the above mentioned scenarios. This docx mending tool makes a copy of the dead docx to a healthy docx file so the original file remains intact. Therefore, it does not damage the original docx file. It opens the inaccessible docx files on all versions of Windows operating systems. It also supports fixing dead docx file to open on Ms Word 2007 and other versions of MS Word. Other than docx files, this tool is also functional for doc files. Hit here to get more information about docx repairer for Word 2007.

Point to be kept in mind:

Always keep an updated antivirus utility program so as to counter any virus attack to your system which may have killed your docx file stored on system.

Note: Visit at to get the most effective and secure way to repair damaged docx file with this application.

Steps to perform Fixing Dead Docx File:

Step-1: Download & install the tool to open dead docx file on your system. A main screen appears. Select the dead document file by using browse option.

Fixing Dead Docx File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step-2: After loading your dead Word document file, repair button gets enabled. Click on the enabled Repair button. Repair process starts.

Fixing Dead Docx File - Repair Progress

Figure 2: Repair Progress

Step-3: After the completion of repair process, the repaired file is available for being previwed using preview option.

Fixing Dead Docx File - Preview Window

Figure 3: Preview Window