Damaged DOCX File Repair

MS Office Word is the most commonly used program for creating official document, reports, articles, letters, resumes etc. Although it’s very easy to work on MS Office to create docx file but a little mistake or improper handling of these documents can put you in trouble. Docx files are very open to various unexpected file damage or corruption issues after that you cannot access information saved in it. Some reasons like macro virus infectivity, file header corruption, damaged file structure, software crash, round tripping, abrupt system shutdown etc are very common and often render damaged files. Although, if you want to regain access to a damaged document, you will have to launch damaged docx file repair operation with an efficient Fix DOCX application. With such tool, you have strong opportunity to salvage corrupted or damaged docx files.

Nobody wish to experience such accident and lose their crucial Word documents but unfortunately, often users commit mistakes and left with damaged file. Therefore if you are working on an important docx file, first of all save it’s copy in some other storage location as backup. For better prevention, users should start damaged docx file repair process as soon as they encounter this issue.

Reasons for damaged Word docx file:

  • Macro viruses are very clever destructive program that spread automatically once you open docx file. These viruses have strong affinity to damage or alter internal file structure of documents after that users need to perform damaged docx file repairing to make file healthy. Virus attack can also result in MS Word file association corruption. To know more about it, visit this link: http://www.fixdocx.net/file-association.html
  • If the header of a Word docx file is corrupted, it will render damaged or inaccessible document. Generally header gets damaged after improper compression or extraction of file, virus invasion and incomplete download process.
  • Often users manage to delete valuable docx files mistakenly after that they utilize third party file recovery app to restore deleted or lost docx file. Sometimes, users left with damaged documents due to improper file recovery operation.
  • Round tripping i.e. converting docx file to doc file or vice versa could also result in damaged or broken document. Later you can resolve this issue if you know how to repair broken docx file.
  • DOCX file may become damaged after MS Office Word app is crashed or when file is saved over corrupted storage drive. However, documents will be readable after you launch damaged docx file repair.

Fix DOCX is the most trusted application recommended by industry professionals to perform secure and effective repairing of damaged docx file after recovery without any loss and change in information. Software offers highly secured and advanced file repair technology to scan and fix errors in docx and doc files. It is equipped with easy to use and automated tool that generates replica of source Word document and fixes internal file structure securely to make error healthy and error free document. While repairing docx file, it restores text, images, hyperlinks, fonts and all other element from damaged, corrupted, inaccessible or unreadable Word documents created on MS Office Word 2000 and it’s above versions. You can visit at www.fixdocx.net/word-2007.html to get information about Word 2007 docx file repairing.

Steps to repair damaged DOCX file:

Step-1: Install & run this application on your computer to launch main window. Here you can "Browse" the damaged DOCX file and click on "Repair" button.

Damaged DOCX File Repair - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step-2: After damaged Docx file is loaded, click on Repair tab to start repairing process. You can view the progress in this screen.

Fix Damaged DOCX File - Repairing Progress

Figure 2: Repairing Progress

Step-3: Once repairing process is completed, you can have preview of repaired .docx file using preview option.

Repair Damaged DOCX File - Preview File

Figure 3: Preview File