Compress Large DOCX Files

Probably one of the most common ways to edit or save any text file is DOC file, which is mainly created on Microsoft Word application. DOC or DOCX files are usually of small size but, at times their size get quite big and need for tool arises which can compress large DOCX files. One of such application is Remo MORE software, which easily compress large DOCX files. Compression of any file is very useful because when it is done a lot of memory space is saved which at the end of day facilitates in making efficient use of the hard drive. There are multiple advantage of compressing any file on computer or laptop. Some of them are detailed as follows:

Easy to Manage: When any file is small in size it is quite easy to manage upon any system hard drive. Task like compress large DOCX files, facilitates in maintaining the speed of computer as it was in new.

Minimize the memory space consumed: When files are in uncompressed format then, each of the files and folders cover almost double the size of actual memory space. Hence, there is a big problem for the users while saving any new file on computer or laptop. If the hard disk is filled up with different files in such situation, then files which are of less importance are deleted. The best solution to such problem is to compress large DOCX files by making use of Remo MORE software.

Easy to transfer: After any DOCX file is compressed it is quite easy to transfer from one saved location to another. One of the best examples of such state of affair is transferring of DOCX file via email. Since any email domain has limited size of attachment, hence if any big DOCX file is to be transferred, then it must be first compressed and later send.

Cost Effective: one of the other advantages of compressing DOCX file on computer or laptop for any purpose is that it is very cost effective. This is so, because when any hard drive gets filled up by files like DOCX then, users who don’t wish to delete any of the old files must purchase a new HDD. Thus by compression of old files new memory space can be created, without any need for new investment.

Remo MORE provides each of the need of user as discussed above with great ease. This software compress any number of DOCX files without any loss of precision, i.e. when DOCX is decompressed each of the attributes of DOCX files is kept as it is. This software compress large DOCX files in zip or rzip format, which can be easily decompressed using this software itself. Remo MORE allows users to compress large DOCX files using 10 compression methods. The other benefit of making use of this application is that it allows users to create password for the newly created file.

Steps to Compress Large DOCX File using Remo MORE:

Step 1: Download & install Remo MORE software on your computer and launch it. Select Manage option from the Main Window and then click on Compress & Burn option from the next screen as shown in Fig 1.

Compress Large DOCX Files - Select Compress & Burn Option

Fig 1: Select Compress & Burn Option

Step 2: Next you need to click on Zip option to compress large DOCX files.

Compress Word DOCX File  - Select Zip Option

Fig 2: Select Zip Option

Step 3: Now, you have to add large sized DOCX files that you want to compress and then click on Compress option as shown in Fig 3.

Compress Word Document File Size - Compress DOCX Files

Fig 3: Compress DOCX Files