Windows Word DOC Repairer

Word is the widely used document processor over Windows operating system. All Windows users prefer Word to create & manage documents. Word has been developed by the same Microsoft cooperation which developed Windows.  Word versions up-to Word 2003 used to save documents as .doc. Users write their articles, notes, reports, etc using Word. A user can insert clip-arts, tables, format fonts, etc on Word doc file. It is obvious that when a user of Word for example a writer who dedicated years to write a story on his upcoming novel finds that his doc file got corrupted & there is no backup copy for it, will leave him in state of shock. Now he desperately wants to repair that corrupted word doc. The best solution to renovate word doc files is fixdocx utility tool. This tool can reliably fix out corruptions in word doc files caused due to any of the following reasons.

Reasons that play major role in Word DOC corruption:

File format cycling: It is the one of the most general reasons behind corruption of Word doc files. It basically occurs due to frequently converting a doc file from one format to other. Some of the examples are as changing a Word doc file to Rtf & then back to Word doc file format or changing of Word doc file to Excel file format & then back to Word doc file format. This complete process of changing a file format to another & then back to the same file format is known as file format cycling. After a complete cycle of this process you may find out that the new word doc file gets corrupt. Moreover, you can employ this software to fix Docx file after encoding error occurs due to frequent round tripping with great ease. To know more information, visit this link

Obstacles during transfer of Word DOC file: Sometimes while transferring of a Word doc file from one storage device to another, an interruption in interruption may corrupt it. For example if you are transferring Word doc file from your computer to a pen drive then any obstacle like a sudden system shut down may corrupt the file being transferred. It may even make your docx file dead. You can revamp dead docx file efficiently by using this tool.

Some other reasons may include:

  • Invalid Digital signature: Due to invalid digital signatures of doc file, the files may refuse to open after finding that it has inappropriate digital signatures.
  • Virus attack on doc file: For Word doc files there are certain macro viruses that get embedded to them & make the content unreadable.

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Highlighting points about Word DOC repairing tool:

This tool has certain unique features that make it most renowned tool to correct the corrupted doc file. It not only supports to make a corrupt doc file readable but also makes corrupted docx files correct. You can also get back lost doc files that are lost due to macro viruses, formatting of drive, certain corruption issues, etc. To have more information about correcting corrupt docx file securily visit this link:

This tool is also capable of securing Word doc files that are saved on external devices like pen drives, flash memory cards, external hard drives, etc. This tool effectively works on various Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Vistas, 7 & Windows server 2008. You can encounter DOCX file not opening in various situations after that you need an efficient tool to repair DOCX file. Visit at and get proper solution to repair not opening DOCX file.

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Use the below mentioned steps to secure Windows Word DOC files:

Step-1: Install the doc reapairing tool & open it. A main screen displaying a browse option appears. By using given browse option, select the Word Doc file to be corrected.

Windows Word DOC Repairer - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step-2: Once your Doc file is loaded, the repair button gets enabled. Hit the repair button to start repair process.

Windows Word DOC Repairer - Repair Progress

Figure 2: Repair Progress

Step-3: Once the process completes, the repaired Doc file is provided for preview by using preview option. Purchase the activation key of the utility program to save the repaired Doc file at desired location.

Windows Word DOC Repairer - Preview Window

Figure 3: Preview Window