How to Repair Microsoft Word DOCX File?


  • MS Word is word processor and globally appreciated application which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Its popularity is now well described by its wide range of users which varies from small school going student to any professional writer or expert. MS Word facilitates its user with lots of features including changing the font style, providing hyperlinks to refer any other page, highlighting any important line by using different colors, etc. In-spite of all the outstanding features, sometimes MS Word DOCX file have to suffer from file corruption due to several reasons. Sometimes due to some unwanted scenarios users can’t access the Word DOCX file and get some error message while accessing DOCX file.

    If you are also a victim of DOCX file corruption then you can use Fix DOCX software to fix damaged DOCX file. This software basically works under read only mode and hence it ensures safe repairing MS Word DOCX file without altering it.

    Some of the reasons behind the corruption of DOCX file are as follows:

    • Unauthorized Third Party Tool: Using any unauthorized third party tool can cause damage to the DOCX file. For an example if you chose any untrusted third party tool to recover your file, you could get partial recovered file or broken header file. This lead to corruption of recovered DOCX file.
    • Improper Closing of Word: Sometimes while working on MS Word user may encounter some unwanted situation like power surge, software conflicts or any hardware issues which lead to improper termination of the application, leads to file corruption.
    • Macro Viruses: Macro viruses are that kind of viruses that could easily affect Macro programs such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Access, Paint, and much more. These viruses get embedded in the .docx file with text, OLE objects, etc. These viruses lead to make some part of your document unreadable or even make sometimes entire file as inaccessible.

    Some of the error messages which usually gets displayed after MS DOCX file corruption are “Word was unable to read this file. It may be corrupt” , “Try one or more of the following: Open and repair the file or open the file using Text Recovery converter”.

    All the above mentioned reasons and other error messages are encountered when your DOCX file gets corrupted. Using this easy to use software any of you fix MS Word DOCX file in a very productive way. You can even use this software to fix unreadable MS Word DOCX files.

    Some of the outstanding features of Fix DOCX software are:

    • This software enables to recover text, hyperlinks and OLE objects from corrupt DOCX files.
    • It can help to repair MS Word DOCX file on various operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, server 2008, etc.
    • It also shows a great compatibility on all versions of Microsoft Word such as Word 2000, Word 2003, Word 2010, Word 2007 and so on.

    Some of the precautionary measure must be taken while repairing of MS Word DOCX files are as follows:

    • Avoid installing any untrusted third party software as it leads to risk of virus attack.
    • Always use reliable software to repair MS Word DOCX file to avoid any risk of getting corrupted Word file.
    • Improper / Incomplete installation of Word program also tends to corruption of DOCX file.

    Use the below mentioned steps to repair MS Word DOCX files:

    Step-1: Install Fix DOCX software & launch it. A main screen displaying a browse button appears. By clicking on browse button, select the MS Word DOCX file to be repaired.

    Repair MS Word DOCX File - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step-2: Once you have loaded your DOCX file, the repair button gets enabled. Hit the repair button to initiate the repairing process.

    Repair MS Word DOCX File - Repair Progress

    Figure 2: Repair Process

    Step-3: After the completion of the repairing process, the repaired DOCX file is provided for preview by using the preview option. Purchase the activation key of the software to save the repaired DOCX file at destination folder.

    Repair MS Word DOCX File - Preview Window

    Figure 3: Preview Window